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Profile of the Institute of Regional Science - IfR

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Our profile is characterized by:


Staff and students from different areas of expertise collaborate to develope project-related soultions, paying special attention to the interfaces between the disciplines.



Not only since the globalisation has expanded to all areas of life, many topics have obtained an international dimension, which is met throught the IfR's international cooperation schemes.



People from different cultures chose different perspectives and approaches to handle problems and conflicts. Intercultural coopertaion relativises the own approach, this opening up new horizons for unconventional, helpful perspectives.


Focus on Developing Countries

The IfR's special interest focuses on the specific problems of developing countries in a globalised economy. Highly skilled students from developing countries may obtain a boursary to join the IfR's Master's Programme.


Focus on Transition Countries

States and societies in social and economic transformation have to accomplish considerable processes of adaptation within a short period of time. This poses a challenge for the discipline of spatial planning which we also embrace in our Institute's work.


Focus on Project Relevance

Even the best theory remains provisional unless is suitability to solve real problems has been tested. That is why we attach great important to linking our research and teaching activities with actual planning issues.


Teaching Language German

The IfR's Master's Programme is taught in German, thus communicating perceptions and attitudes shaped by German culture to the students, making at the same time clear that approaches developed beyond the background of a German cultural context may never be transfered unchanged, but must be adapted to the problem's respective context and enviroment.