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Research Profile of the IfR / ISL

The Institute of Regional Science and the Institute of Urban and Rural Planning at the KIT cooperate closely in research and teaching. They conduct interdisciplinary research on space-related questions at the intersection between geo, natural and social sciences.

According to its core competences, the Institute of Regional Science (IfR)

analyses social processes in developing and emerging countries on a local and regional level,

conducts research in the geographic core areas of Southern and Southeast Asia as well as Western and Southern Africa.

Above, the IfR cooperates with the University of Concepción (UdeC, Chile) to establish a cross border Degree Programme with secondary research in Latin America. 

The research work of the Institute of Urban and Rural Planning (ISL) focuses on the analysis and development of concepts and measures of land use management and spatial development. While the geographic starting point of the ISL’s research is Germany, the institute is expanding its research focus onto European and increasingly often onto extra-European regions.

Beyond the background of globalisation and global integration, the regional focuses of both institutes increasingly converge. The association of IfR and ISL rests upon the joint analysis of regional development processes and the regional management of available resources, areas and infrastructures. The research of this association can be subdivided into five fields which complement each other and partially overlap: