Library rules
1. Objective of the library rules
These library rules set binding regulations for the scientific use of the library in order to create favorable working conditions for all of its users. All users of the library are asked to be considerate and not to impair other visitors, allowing them to use the library without disruption.

2. Regulations of the library
The library of the Institute of Regional Science of the KIT is a reference library. It serves as a resource for research and teaching of the Institute’s employees. Unlike the university’s library, has not been created to systematically collect publications and to keep them available for lending. The IfR’s library is a common reserve shelf for the scientists (m/f) employed at the IfR as well as for users working in the library. Therefore, lending and using publications outside of the library is only possible in exceptional cases.

3. Body of literature
The library keeps books, magazines, atlases, maps, other printed works as well as data media. The library rules apply to all of them. Above, the library’s inventory includes catalogues, computers as well as other inventory.

4. Users of the library
The library offers free access to all members of the KIT. At request, visitors must be able to identify themselves.

5. Opening hours
The opening hours of the library are displayed at the library’s entrance.

6. Terms of use
Every user is asked to avoid any actions that could disturb other visitors during their work.

7. Actions prohibited in the library
It is not allowed to smoke, eat or drink in the library. Visitors are asked to lead conversations and discussions in the rooms of the KIT created for this purpose.

8. Prohibition to carry bags etc.
Bags, pieces of luggage, coats and similar clothes must be stored outside of the library in the wardrobe intended for this purpose. The library’s staff is allowed to control bags and luggage illegally brought along.

9. Organization

After their use, books, magazines or atlases have to be returned to the place indicated on their shelf mark. The workplace has to be left in clean and tidy condition.

10. Regulatory offence

It is forbidden to mark books, atlases or maps by adding underlines, comments or inscriptions of any kind. In case of contravention or any other damages caused by the user, they have to pay compensation. Users can be excluded from using the library. Theft will be reported to the police.

11. Lending

As a rule, media can only be lended for a short period of time (over night, over the weekend or for a short period of time, e.g. to scan it outside of the library). In exceptional cases, media from the library may be lended for a maximum period of four weeks. The number of books that may be borrowed at a time is limited to 10. In case of exmatriculation, all of the borrowed books and media must be returned. Users haver no claim to borrow books, maps or atlases. The head of the library or the head of the Institute of Regional Science decide on special lending periods.

12. Exceedence of the lending period, damage, loss
Users of the library who fail to return a book in time can be excluded from lending in general or for a limited period of time. In case of loss, costs of replacement plus handling expenses can be charged. Every user of the IfR library commits themselves to pay compensation to the full extent in case of loss or damage of a book.

13. Lending rules

Lending media from the IfR library is only possible with a fully completed lending form and upon presenting a valid identification document with photograph (identity card or student ID). Users who are personally known to the head of the IfR library are exempt from this regulation.

14. Limitation of lending
Individual, specially marked books can not be lended. The same applies to catalogues, computers and other inventory of the library.

15. Directive authority of the library’s staff
The instructions of the library’s staff have to be followed. Non-compliance can result in the exclusion of the use of the library.

16. Liability

The IfR library does not assume liability for damage of objects brought along to the library by the user. This does also apply to the items stored in the wardrobe outside the library. Users who lose or damage media or equipment of the library has to pay compensation in full, independent of negligence.

17. Acknowledgement
By using the services of the IfR library, every user submits to the present library rules.

18. Coming into force
The present library rules are immediately effective. At the same time, it supersedes and replaces all previous library directives and library rules.

Karlsruhe, 5 June 2004