Institute of Regional Science

Specialized library on regional science

Campus Süd, building 10.50, room 315

As a part of the KIT's central library, the IfR's library counts among the biggest libraries in Europe providing specialized literature on regional science. Since the foundation of the discipline, the standard works of regional science literature have been systematically collected.

The library focuses on the basics of regional science literature as well as on key publications on the special conditions of developing, threshold and transition countries, complemented by maps, programmes and other documents of spatial planning. 

Currently, the IfR's library comprises about 34,000 volumes. It is continuously complemented. Besides monographs, it subscribes to 52 periodicals, 110 series of papers as well as to chosen daily and weekly papers.

Parts of the former library of the KIT's Institute of Spatial and Urban Planning have been integrated in the IfR's library as spatial planning sub-library. 

Being a reference library with work areas for users, the IfR's specialized library complements the lending libraries as a part of the KIT's central library. Scientists and students can be sure to have access to the library's whole stock. Accordingly, it is not possible to loan out books unless in case of substantiated individual cases.