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Information on studying in Germany (German and English)

What students should know (German)

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Teaching languages German and Spanish

The teaching languages of the Dual Master's degree course in Regional Science/Spatial Planning at KIT and UdeC are German (at KIT) and Spanish (at UdeC).

Given the widespread use of English in science, this choice needs to be explained.

  • We think in the notions of our language. Thinking is linked to language, and there is no language-free thinking. The scope of our notions as well as a language's logic structure reflect our thinking. That is why we think differently in different languages, as the Israelian linguist Guy Deutscher has impressively demonstrated. Especially in the field of the humanities, this link between language and thinking is fundamental for the exchange and further development of ideas.
  • The teaching and learning environment as well as the social environment in Karlsruhe communicate in German. Getting familiar with German culture and integrating in the social environment will be even more easier the earlier it happens by means of the German language.
  • This does not devaluate the English language. Yet, scientific communication often uses a simplified English which only partially reflects the multifarious patterns of a differentiated thinking. Outside the Anglo-American linguistic area, it is easier to publish poor results than in the author's native language which would immeadiately reveal any theoretical and linguistic deficits.

Required German language skills

At the time of application, you should have reached the level A2 or higher according to the  CEFR.

Candidates who are second-language speakers must submit a certificate on German language proficiency equivalent to the level C1 (->CEFR).

Learning German

outside of Germany

Please visit the DAAD's website for more information on how and where to learn German outside of Germany. 

at the KIT

The KIT Studienkolleg offers German language courses starting with the level B1. The website of the Studienkolleg offers detailed information on the different classes, fees and conditions for admission.

at the IfR

Students of the Master's degree course in Regional Science/Spatial Planning are supported by German language tutors who advise them in view of linguistic and intercultural questions.

Required Spanish language skills
To study at UdeC, you should have reached the level B2 or higher (
GER „Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen“). 

Learning Spanish

Please visit the DAAD's website  for more information on how and where to learn Spanish.

at the KIT

The Sprachzentrum des KIT offers different Spanish classes.