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Please note:

The easiest way to send an email to us is to use the provided link (click on email-adress).

If you would like to copy-paste an email adress please replace the blank by a dot (.) and the symbol ∂ by an @.
The cryptic spelling is used to avoid spam mail.

Portrait name title function e-mail
Prof. Dr. Joachim Vogt Prof. Dr. Head of Institute vogtBaw8∂kit edu
Kramer Prof. Dr. Deputy Head of Institute caroline kramerWkr4∂kit edu
A. Ch. Braun Jun.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Junior professor andreas ch braunPuu7∂kit edu

Head of IfR council
Portrait name title e-mail
Foto Hans-Peter Bähr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. hans-peter baehrWiv3∂kit edu

Honorary Professor
name title e-mail
Gerd Hager Prof. Dr. jur. gerd hagerAlg9∂region-karlsruhe de

Guest Lecturers
Portrait name title phone e-mail
Fabrice Banon M. Sc. +49 721 608-42716 fabrice banonDyi2∂partner kit edu
portrait-everts.jpg Prof. Dipl.-Ing.   wolfgang evertsVus5∂gmx de
mitarbeiter foto blanko Dr.   karin jehnZol5∂alumni uni-karlsruhe de
ringler-harald-portraitfoto Dr.-Ing.   ringlerYkf2∂kit edu
Prof. Dr.   wolf-dietrich sahrJnl5∂urz uni-heidelberg de
Prof. Dr. Stefan Selke Dr. phil. 3632  
dr. zomahoun Dr. rer. nat. (+226) 73 11 15 52 gilbert zomahounZoy5∂yahoo fr

Portrait name title phone e-mail
Irma Diegmann Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH +49 721 608 42365 irma diegmannCnt2∂kit edu
Gundula Marks Dipl.-Übersetzerin +49 721 608 43632 gundula marksMst3∂kit edu
Eveline Puchstein +49 721 608 42365 eveline puchsteinCdm0∂kit edu

Scientific Staff
Portrait name title phone e-mail
Marion Hitzeroth Dr. rer. nat. +49 721 608 46317 marion hitzerothKup0∂kit edu
Alena Israel M. Sc. +49 721 608 46336 alena israelTyc2∂kit edu
Susanne Kubisch, M. Sc. M. Sc. +49 721 608 42384 susanne kubischBng7∂kit edu
Xiaoyi Liu Dipl.-Ing. +49 721 608-47739 xiaoyi liuNmp7∂kit edu
Dipl.-Anglistin Irma Mantilla Dipl.-Anglistin +49 721 608-46895 irma mantillaIrd4∂kit edu
Patricia Moncada M. Sc.    
Obossou Célestin Okidji IfR M.Sc.   obossou okidjiHdz4∂partner kit edu
Andrea Ramirez double degree coordinator chile-argentina M.Sc. +49 721 608 47624 andrea ramirezPjw8∂kit edu
Fredy Rios Dr.-Ing. +49 721 608-47624 fredy riosYqj9∂kit edu
MRP Steven Ross M.Sc., MRP +49 721 608 42889 steven rossFaq5∂kit edu
Sarkar M.Sc. +49 721 608 42889 raju sarkarYtn9∂kit edu
zan_wang M. -Ing. +49 721 608 42383 zan wangHoa4∂kit edu

German Teacher
Portrait name title e-mail
movsisyian Dipl.-Germanistin movsisyan amZfs8∂gmail com

Technical Staff
Portrait name title tel. e-mail
Bianca Maria Sander (Reinert) Dipl.-Designerin +49 721 608-43632 bianca sanderYbo0∂kit edu
Helmut Wendel Bauzeichner +49 721 608 43661 helmut wendelPqu7∂kit edu

Student Assistents
name function e-mail
students' tutor burak barutLzd7∂student kit edu
Texttutorin tutorDeu4∂ifr kit edu