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For over 50 years, the Institute of Regional Science (IfR) of KIT has analyzed structures and processes of land use as well as ¬¬effects of natural hazards. The IfR’s thematic and regional focus is on the regions of the global south, often still referred to as “underdeveloped“. Its interdisciplinary research team develops concepts to analyze and resolve conflicts. By means of an intervention theory-based approach, efficacy and effects of measures of development cooperation are studied. The institute’s guiding principle is a close cooperation between research, teaching and applied planning at the interface of geo, natural and social science.

Caused by climate change, the influence of natural extreme events with disastrous socio-economic effects (“natural disasters“) is constantly increasing, threatening  humans, their living spaces as well as biodiversity on earth. The regions of the global south are among those most affected.

The IfR cooperates with the regions of the global south to conceive spatial development concepts adapted to the particular natural landscapes and economic and social conditions to find sustainable and future-oriented solutions for present challenges and those to be expected in future.


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Wir suchen ab sofort eine wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft im Bereich Grafikdesign und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

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In den nächsten Wochen wird unsere Webseite überarbeitet und umgebaut. Wir bitten um Verständnis, falls manche Dienste temporär nicht zu Verfügung stehen.

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Research Colloquium

We hereby cordially invite you to the lectures/discussions on the topic "Regional Science revisited: (Sustainable) pathways of financialisation of the Built Environment" in the Research Colloquium of the Institute of Regional Science.

The colloquium will take place on Wednesdays at 5.30 pm in room 103, building 10.50 of the BGU Faculty. We are very much looking forward to a lively exchange of ideas!

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European Urban and Regional Studies
Jim Lewis Prize

Prof. Dr. Michael Janoschka, together with Georgia Alexandri, Sònia Vives-Miró and Hernán Orozco Ramos, was awarded the Jim Lewis Prize for the best paper in the journal "European Urban and Regional Studies" for the paper 'Tracing the socio-spatial logics of transnational landlords' real estate investment: Blackstone in Madrid'.

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Herzlich Willkommen am IfR

Wir begrüßen seit dem 01. Juni 2022 Prof. Dr. Michael Janoschka als neuen Institutsleiter am Institut für Regionalwissenschaft.

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