Coprod Action

CoprodAction is seeking to better understand how people shape, negotiate, imagine and collaboratively manage their environments. Hence, the main research aim of CoprodAction is to understand to what extent the application of community-led practice influences or contributes to improve the coproduction of more sustainable and resilient urban environments.

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dritter Workshop Wem gehört Connewitz?
Who owns Connewitz?

The research project “Who owns Connewitz?” aims at creating more transparency on real estate ownership structures and want to learn about how different owners treat their tenants. Furthermore, the project asks how living conditions for residents can be improved and how effective neighbourhood networks may be created

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Contested Territories

CONTESTED_TERRITORY is a network of more than 20 European and Latin American partners who, through an intensive exchange programme, develop new insights into controversial human-environment relations in terms of content and concept, but also make them visible to a broader audience in cultural performances and thus contribute to strengthening locally anchored cultural systems of meaning.

In doing so, an alternative understanding will be developed from a comparative perspective of how people in Europe and Latin America think, shape, negotiate and manage together space and spatiality (i.e., "Territories) in unequal power relations. The project builds on an understanding that alternative, often locally anchored bodies of knowledge, such as the good life (Spanish: Buen Vivir) in times of profound social upheaval, can serve as points of reference for shaping an alternative living world beyond the progressive accumulation of resources, capital and power.

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IECO (Institute of Eco-Industrial Development)

IECO is a network project that designs and builds a research structure around the theme of industrial ecology in Chile. As a binational and multilateral institute, IECO will conduct interdisciplinary research on the topic of industrial ecology, i.e. improving the sustainability of industry by imitating ecosystem principles. The aim is to develop strategies for sustainable industrial regional development in Chile that also include urban areas.

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