Research project: Who owns Connewitz?

Who receives my rent payments? And who actually owns the flat that I am living in? Even though these questions are of obvious relevance for the basic need for adequate housing, answers are hard to receive, especially in Germany. With increasing frequency, owners are stock exchange-listed companies like Vonovia, primarily concerned with maximising profits. Effects are noticeable in Leipzig and the neighbourhood of Connewitz: rents are rising, the social structure of the neighbourhood is changing, luxurious new-built residential projects are popping up in many places.

The research project “Who owns Connewitz?” aims at creating more transparency on real estate ownership structures and want to learn about how different owners treat their tenants. Furthermore, the project asks how living conditions for residents can be improved and how effective neighbourhood networks may be created.

The scientific challenges are targeted by a variety of research methods: a detailed mapping of selected objects in Connewitz, more than 70 interviews with residents, and several collective cartography workshops have been realised so far, with more following during 2022. Additionally, interviews with representatives from the real estate industry, a quantitative survey of residents and analysis of statistical data are in progress.

The team currently consists of Professor Michael Janoschka (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Dr Alejandro Armas-Díaz (University of Leipzig) and Dennis Hof (Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development), with support from B.Sc. students Lea Schirbel, Marius Strohdiek, Sophie Tempelhoff and Julie Kauke (University of Leipzig).

If you have questions or remarks, please contact us: michael janoschka does-not-exist.kit edu.

Collective Mapping Workshops
Collective Mapping Workshops