Candidates submit their application via the KIT applicant portal. The KIT International Student Office provides information on application documents and admission requirements. The KIT Studierendenservice provides information for German candidates with an international degree.

Studies start in winter term annually (01 October).
Application deadline: 30 September annually
For organizational reasons (via request, apartment search, etc.) we strongly recommend candidates to apply no later than 15 July. Candidates who send their application by 15 July can expect to be promptly informed on  their admission.

Contact persons

Do you have any questions on one of our master’s degree programs or questions about applications?
Our contact persons are glad to help you.

Portraitfoto der Mitarbeiterin Marion Hitzeroth

Marion Hitzeroth

Coordination Master’s degree program in Regional Science/Spatial Planning at KIT



Room: 307

Phone: +49 721 608 46317

Fax: +49 721 608 42888

Email: marion hitzeroth∂kit edu


Portraitfotos der beiden Sekretärinnen Irma Diegmann und Eveline Puchstein.

Irma Diegmann/
Eveline Puchstein



Room: 316

Phone: +49 721 608 42365

Fax: +49 721 608 42888

Email: info∂ifr kit edu

Portraitfoto des Mitarbeiters Andreas Braun

Jun.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Ch. Braun

Professor for Regional Science



Room: 311

Phone: +49 721 608 43862

Fax: +49 721 608 42888

Email: andreas ch braun∂kit edu

Portraitfoto der Mitarbeiterin Gundula Marks

Gundula Marks

Contact person Master’s degree program Regional Science/Spatial Planning at KIT



Room: 308

Phone: +49 721 608 43632

Fax: +49 721 608 42888

Email: gundula marks∂kit edu