Mit Schilfwänden versehene Hütten an einem schlickigen Flussufer in Bangladesch.Bishawjit Mallick

The tropic coastal areas of the world are

  • usually densely populated,
  • important economic centers and
  • constantly threatened by natural disasters and continuous loss of resources,

adding up to an exceptionally high vulnerability of the coastal areas. The increase of hazardous natural events as for instance forcast due to climate change cause additional risks in these regions and the need to develop adapted planning and schemes.

One of the regional focuses of the IfR to research this complex interaction of processes is Bangladesh. The country’s coastal areas are often hit by tropical cyclones and hazardous floods.

The research starts by the analysis of

  • gaugeable and visible processes,
  • the reaction of coastal inhabitants on these hazards and
  • the question whether external interventions in case of catastrophes actually have long-term positive effects.

In addition, the foundations for an adaptable and compatible development and planning in the coastal areas are being developed.

In the frame of this regional research focus the research questions are investigated by methods of social empirical research on site. Also doctoral theses at KIT and IfR deal with questions of vulnerabilty of the south western coastal areas of Bangladesh.

Nach einer Überflutung in Bangladesch versucht ein Mann das Boot aus dem Schlick zurück ins Wasser zu kriegen.Bishawjit Mallick