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Chairman of IfR advisory board
Name Title Email
Foto Hans-Peter Bähr
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. hans-peter baehr does-not-exist.kit edu
German Teacher
Name Title Email
Portraitfoto der Mitarbeiterin Iwona Agurto
M. A.  

The student representatives represent the interests of the students vis-à-vis academic committees and lecturers.

Retired staff and professors

The following professors, staff members and doctoral students have retired from the Institute. We thank them for their cooperation and wish them all the best in retirement or in their new jobs.
  • Ali, Nouhou
  • Atzl, Andreas
  • Barut, Burak
  • Biehl, Dorothea
  • Boda, Valerie
  • Böhnke, Denise
  • Brester, Benedikt
  • Conventz, Sven
  • Czolbe, Imola
  • Eichhorn, Eugen
  • Elgendy, Hany
  • Engelke, Dirk
  • Espinosa Gutiérrez, Gabriela
  • Hannemann, Ulf
  • Heberling, Gerolf
  • Heidemann, Claus
  • Herrera, Rocío Juliana
  • Holzbach, Alexander
  • Jehling, Mathias
  • Jung, Wolfgang
  • Kammerer, Volker John
  • Kaser, Nina
  • Keller, Sina
  • Kubisch, Susanne
  • Kunze, Jan-Peter
  • Kuzmina, Maria
  • Lauerbach, Helga
  • Lein-Kottmeier, Gesa
  • Mallick, Bishawjit
  • Megerle, Andreas
  • Menjoulet, David
  • Michels, Sabine
  • Okidji, Obossou Célestin
  • Rahadini, Ari
  • Roldán Rojas, Luisa Fernanda
  • Roy, Kushal
  • Sander, Bianca
  • Sarkar, Raju
  • Seidemann, Dirk
  • Selke, Stefan
  • Siebert, Gesa
  • Soylu, Tamer
  • Spoo, Martin
  • Strassert, Günter
  • Teka, Oscar
  • Wang, Bo
  • Wang, Zan
  • Wegner, Antje
  • Wei, Anni
  • Wendel, Helmut
  • Wilske, Sebastian
  • Witte, Sebastian Marcel