Dr. Ing. Gabriela Espinosa Gutiérrez

  • Institut für Regionalwissenschaft
    Geb. 10.50
    Reinhard-Baumeister-Platz 1
    76131 Karlsruhe


Dr. Gabriela Espinosa is the institutional coordinator at KIT in the Institute of Eco-Industrial Development, a German-Chilean project from the KIT with three Chilean universities (www.ieco-institute.com)

Her tasks as coordinator of IECO include:

  • Communicating and coordinating joint activities with the German and Chilean partners.
  • Searching and integrating further partners in the IECO network (e.g. with business associations, political actors, research actors).
  • Management of knowledge in German-Chilean research funding.
  • Organization of IECO events in Germany and Chile
  • Organization of the external presentation of the project (website and newsletter)
  • Marketing activities for the IECO project.


Research interests

  • Integrated resources management
  • Eco-industrial development
  • Life-cycle assessments
  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental awareness raising


Professional experience

Since 04/2020 General Coordinator of the Institute of Eco-Industrial Development, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

08/2015 – 03/2020

Environmental Consultant and Project Manager at Knoell Germany GmbH, division of Environmental-Fate modelling.

08/2009 – 10/2010

Research Associate at the Institute for Wastewater Management and Water Protection, Hamburg University of Technology.

07/2007 – 07/2009

Environmental Consultant at ERM GmbH, division of Environmental, Health and Safety assessments.

08/2003 – 05/2004

Environmental supervisor for the ICA group at the construction site for the hydroelectric 750 MW power plant “El Cajon” in Nayarit Mexico.



11/2010 – 04/2016

PhD (Dr. –Ing.) at the Hamburg University of Technology

Thesis: Material Flow Analysis (MFA) of the Urban Water System in Tepic Mexico: Integral Evaluation and Improvement Options.

10/2004 – 04/2007

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering (M.Sc) at the Hamburg University of Technology.

Master of Business Administration in Technology Management (MBA) at the Northern Institute of Technology

Double Degree

08/1998 – 06/2003

Chemical Engineering, with focus on environmental technology 

Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua (Mexico) 


Conferences and poster presentations

Espinosa Gutiérrez, G.; Otterpohl, R. (2014): Assessing material flows in urban systems: an approach to maximize the use of incomplete data sets. Presentation at the 6th Eastern European Young Water Professionals Conference. International Water Association. Istanbul, Turkey, 28/05/2014.

Espinosa Gutiérrez, G.; Bardou, C.; Otterpohl, R. (2013): Improving stormwater management in the context of Mexican middle-sized cities. Case study in Tepic, Mexico. Presentation at the International Conference on Climate Change and Regional Response 2013. Dresden, Germany, 29/05/2013. Available online at http://www.regklam.de/fileadmin/ccrr-2013/abstracts/4b_CCRR2013_abstract_Espinosa.pdf  last accessed on 29/12/2019.

Espinosa Gutiérrez, G. (2012): Retos presentes y futuros del sector agua en México. Presentation at the II Simposio de becarios y exbecarios del CONACyT en Europa. Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de México. Strasbourg, France, 30/11/2012.

Espinosa Gutiérrez, G.; Otterpohl, R.; Kuchta, K. (2012): Assessment of urban water management systems by Material Flow Analysis. Seminar at the Environmental Engineering Faculty of the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II. Naples, Italy, 29/02/2012

Espinosa Gutiérrez, G.; Otterpohl, R.; Kuchta, K. (2011): Improving decision making for Mexican urban sanitation systems by means of Material Flow Analysis (MFA). Poster presentation. International Conference on Integrated Water Resources Management. Dresden, Germany, 12/10/2011.



Braun, A.B.; Espinosa-Gutiérrez, G.; Tröger, D.; Instituto de Desarrollo Eco-Industrial (2021): La Economia Circular y el Sector de la Construccion: una perspectiva desde Alemania sobre la Hoja de Ruta Chilena. In: Negocio y construcción 15 (3), 30-36

Espinosa Gutiérrez, G., Tröger Danny (2021) Ökosysteme als Vorbild für industrielle Entwicklung – Widerspruch oder Vision? 2021. KIT-Zentrum Mensch und Technik. Forschungsblog. https://www.mensch-und-technik.kit.edu/oekoindustrielle-entwicklung.php

Espinosa Gutiérrez, G., P. M. Evers, R. Otterpohl, J. C. Paredes Limas, R. M. Zámbrano Cárdenas and L. González Torres (2015). ‘Evaluación de las infiltraciones al sistema de drenaje mediante análisis comparativo de la concentración de contaminantes en agua residual. Caso de estudio en Tepic, México.’ In: Revista Internacional de Contaminación Ambiental 31 (1), pp. 89–98. Url: https://www.revistascca.unam.mx/rica/index.php/rica/article/view/43576 last accessed on 29/12/2019.
Espinosa Gutiérrez, G. and R. Otterpohl (2014). ‘Assessing material flows in urban systems: an approach to maximize the use of incomplete data sets’. In: Water Science and Technology 70 (6), pp. 1135–1142. doi: 10.2166/wst.2014.352.

Husemann, J.; Espinosa-Gutiérrez, G.; Tadesse, Y.B; Srinivasan, S.; Al Janabi, F.; Zhang, L. (2014): Towards Nexus Approach: Case Studies on Integrated Management of Water, Soil and Waste. In: United Nations University (Ed.), Advancing a nexus approach to the sustainable management of water, soil and waste (proceedings of the international kick-off workshop). Dresden, Germany.

Espinosa Gutiérrez, G; Leal, Walter; Gottwald, Julia (2010): Germany chapter. In: José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório de Andrade Guerra und Youssef Yousse (Eds.): Renewable energy market needs: a perspective from Europe and Latin America. Palhoça, Brazil: Ed. Unisul, pp 97–126.

Espinosa Gutiérrez, G. (2006): Using Principles of Environmental Education towards Increasing Knowledge amongst Consumers of Options to Reduce Reliance on Fossil Fuels. With assistance of Walter Leal Filho, Franziska Mannke. In Walter Leal Filho (Ed.): Umweltbildung; Umweltkommunikation und Nachhaltigkeit // Innovation, education and communication for sustainable development. Frankfurt am Main; New York, N.Y: Peter Lang, pp. 713–737.


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